Stonewall Democratic Club has joined 275+ advocacy organizations, worker centers, labor unions, service providers, religious congregations, community groups, affordable housing developers, public interest lawyers, public health and safety organizations, and many more uniting across lines of race, class, and geography to propose concrete solutions to the many hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CF 20-0147-S15

Requests the City Attorney draft an emergency ordinance, retroactive to March 1, 2020, creating a citywide worker retention policy, in which employers that take over workplaces following a change in ownership or in control through subcontracting shall give preference in hiring to workers previously employed at the same worksite, and not terminated for just cause, in order of seniority.

CF 20-0147-S19

Temporarily prohibits evictions of residential and commercial tenants for failure to pay rent due to COVID-19 and prohibits no-fault evictions of residential tenants if the tenant or any member of the household is ill, in isolation, or under quarantine due to COVID-19. This ordinance further suspends withdrawals of occupied residential units from the rental market under the Ellis Act, Government Code Section 7060, et seq.