UPDATE: New Deadline: July 15th 2018 and Tuition is now WAVED, thanks to Stonewall's Steering Committee!

Leadership Development Training - 2018

Stonewall’s NEW Public Service Leadership Training selects LGBTQ+, feminist, and allied leaders to train in the skills required to be potent political catalysts for progress and equality. Graduates will be exceptionally prepared for:

  • Political Appointments (commissions and boards)
  • Grassroots Community Organizing
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Running for Elected Office

How do I apply?

Want to be a part of this incredible opportunity? Submit your application by Friday, June 15th, 2018 (now JULY 15th), here:

You will need to be signed into a Google account to complete this application. You will be able to return to this form and edit it until the application period closes. However, we encourage you to copy/paste your long form answers into a private document as a backup.

In addition to completing this form, you must submit the following by the application deadline to

1. Three letters of recommendation from individuals of merit, *excluding* the leadership of Stonewall Democratic Club.
2. Your resume, which should include your work history, educational attainment, professional licenses/certificates possessed, military service history, and any appointments or public/community service.

When will the training take place?

These are the training dates. Please mark them as tentative commitments in your calendar now so you'll know when making other plans that you'll be busy those days, should you be selected. All dates are mandatory, all-day events (typically 9am-5pm) that take place on Sundays.

-August 26th
-September 30th
-October 28th
-November 18th
-Final date TBA

Outside of the curriculum for the dates planned, trainees will have the opportunity to stretch and practice leadership skills through collective fundraising and membership goals, community service, and other projects. Please expect to be in touch and grow with your fellow trainees throughout the course of the program, and prepare yourself to make the most of the experience.

Who will I be learning from?

The Appointments Committee is chaired by Ryan Basham, a Certified Master Leader (invitation-only leadership trainer certification), who has been facilitating informational, leadership, and personal development trainings since 2007. He's trained for Fortune 500 companies and real estate development firms as well as organizations that develop leadership and emotional intelligence skills in both underserved communities and upwardly-mobile individuals. 

Additional trainers, who have yet to be announced, will also facilitate content.

Students will also learn from elected officials, former candidates, current and former appointees, and the people who select appointees on behalf of elected officials. 

Crucially, this program will facilitate opportunities to foster direct relationships with the decision makers who choose appointee candidates.

What does the training cost?

Corporations often spend thousands of dollars on one-day workshops for their leadership teams. Stonewall's Leadership Development Training will employ much of the same content and will be facilitated by the same quality trainers that big corporations hire.

Tuition for this training is $100 (now tuition free!), in order to cover costs.

What if I have other questions?

Great! Shoot an email to! We'll periodically update this page with answers to questions, as well.

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