Save The Date!

October 14-16

Arizona is a state that has the potential of turning purple--if not blue--this cycle. With a great Senate Candidate in Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, and the possibility that a good turnout from the ever increasing Latino voting block will bring Arizona's electoral votes into the Clinton-Kaine column and oust Sheriff Joe Apaio, there is important work to do in Phoenix.

Stonewall is chartering a bus to get us there and back. We will leave Friday afternoon the 14th and return during the day on the 16th. Lodging arrangements are being made for under-Expedia rates.

We need to be able to judge the interest from Stonewall members for this very important trip and because time is of the the essence, please RSVP today so we can make the proper arrangements.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

M Asynaps Audra Dietz Lester Aponte Charles Medina Reuben Zadeh Rachael Rose Luckey Emmjay Picella John Watts

Sign-up today to go to Arizona and give our fellow Democrats the extra help they need!