Caroline Menjivar Fundraiser

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Private Residence
7330 Cleon Ave, Sun Valley, CA
Devin Adante

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Caroline Menjivar for State Senate - 50/50 Split Fundraiser

I've seen firsthand how inequity affects the lives of San Fernando Valley families. The pandemic only exacerbated the gap between the wealthy and those living an illness, a lost job, or an eviction away from an uncertain future. It has never been more urgent to close this gap. 

I'm running for State Senate because I know what it's like to overcome difficult odds. I've experienced housing instability, lost job opportunities because of the economic downturn, and discriminatory policies that prevented me from openly loving my wife. I thrived because I had access to quality public schools and found an accepting and supportive community in the San Fernando Valley.

I believe that your zip code, age, race, gender or sexual identity shouldn't determine your destiny. Let's rewrite the rules so every Californian receives the support they need to stay safe, healthy, and thrive.

Let's work together to create more access to:

  • Mental health and supportive services for all, including our unhoused neighbors
  • Pathways to housing
  • Jobs with salaries that support a family
  • Quality public schools and higher educational opportunities
  • Affordable childcare
  • Comprehensive health care for all
  • Clean air, fresh water, safe and efficient public transit, and more open spaces
  • Equality and justice for all

I look forward to listening to and learning about your concerns for our collective future.

- Caroline Menjivar

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