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Stonewall Endorses Judicial Candidates & Sheriff Candidate

When interacting with law enforcement and the Courts, it is imperative that law enforcement officers and Judges have a solid understanding of the LGBTQIA community and sensitivity to our community's needs.


Judges make decisions every day regarding domestic violence and anti-LGBTQ discrimination that impact our communities. Judges also rule on issues including changes to names and gender identity markers. And, of course, major issues including marriage equality have been decided by the Courts.

After careful consideration, vetting, and a thorough interview process, Stonewall has endorsed challenger Alex Villanueva for Sheriff and the following judicialcandidates:

Office No. 4 - Veronica Sauceda

Office No. 20 - Wendy Segall

Office No. 60 - Tony J. Cho

Office No. 63 - Anthony Lewis

Office No. 67 - Lucy Armendariz

Office No. 71 - Danielle Gibbons

Office No. 113 - Javier Perez

Office No. 118 - David D. Diamond

Office No. 126 - Rene Caldwell Gilbertson

Office No. 146 - Emily Spear


Full List of 2018 Stonewall Endorsements

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