Stonewall Democratic Club

California Legislative Priorities - 2017

Stonewall is thrilled that most of its priorities were signed into law, including a number of groundbreaking bills protecting the LGBTQ community. We still have work to do and need you to help us continue our advocacy for progressive legislative change.


SB 239 – Modernizing Discriminatory HIV Criminalization - SIGNED INTO LAW

Reduces stigma associated with HIV and prevents HIV positive persons from being singled out for more severe punishment under the law.


SB 396 – The Transgender Work Opportunity Act - SIGNED INTO LAW

Requires employers to provide workforce training on gender identity and expression.


SB 179 – Gender Recognition Act of 2017 - SIGNED INTO LAW

Establishes a non-binary gender marker for official state documents, and streamlines the process for people to change their gender on such documents.


SB 219 – Seniors Long Term Care Bill of Rights - SIGNED INTO LAW

Ensures equal treatment of LGBTQ seniors in long-term care facilities, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and HIV status. 


SB 310 – Name and Dignity Act - SIGNED INTO LAW

Requires that incarcerated transgender people be properly recognized by the criminal justice system and grants the right to petition the court to change their legal name and gender marker.


AB 677 - Research on LGBT Education and Employment - SIGNED INTO LAW

Directs agencies focusing on education and employment to collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity.


SB 54 – California Values Act - SIGNED INTO LAW

Prevents diversion of state and local police resources away from critical local law enforcement duties. Ensures undocumented residents can report crimes and assist in prosecutions without fear of deportation.


AB 10 – Free Feminine Hygiene Products in Public Schools - SIGNED INTO LAW

Requires schools to stock restrooms with complementary feminine hygiene products. 


AB 569 – The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act - VETOED BY GOVERNOR

Protects employees from workplace discrimination based on their personal reproductive health care decisions.


SB 169 – Education: Sex Equity - VETOED BY GOVERNOR

Codifies existing Title IX protections into California law to ensure safety and equity on our school campuses.


AB 1360 – Charter School Admissions & Discipline - SIGNED INTO LAW

Prohibits discriminatory admissions practices and ensure due process in pupil discipline at charter schools.


SB 230 – Evidence: Commercial Sexual Offenses - SIGNED INTO LAW

Helps prosecutors convict predators who traffic in sex slavery. 


Thanks to Stonewall's Incredible Legislative Team!

Many thanks is owed to Stonewall's incredible legislative team, led by Political Vice President Jane Wishon and Legislative Action Chair John Erickson and Vice Chair Alana Roshay. They have done incredible work reviewing legislation, informing Stonewall's membership about critical bills, and sending out letters to elected officials to encourage them to support our positions.

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