Save The Date!

October 21-23

This trip is an LGBT mobilization action in Las Vegas for Pride weekend.

Nevada is a top battleground state in the general election, and a victory in the Silver State will help ensure HRC gets into the oval office. Additionally, Hillary for NV is a member of the coordinated campaign (NV Victory 2016) and they are focused on elected Democrats up and down the ticket in NV -- including Catherine Cortez Masto, the Democrat running to replace Reid in the U.S. Senate.

The Las Vegas LGBT PRIDE weekend is taking place October 21-23 just as Early Voting begins in NV. Over 60% of Nevadans vote during the Early Vote period, and they need our help to get their voters to the polls!

We need to be able to judge the interest from Stonewall members for this very important trip and because time is of the the essence, please RSVP today so we can make the proper arrangements.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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Sign-up today to go to Nevada and give our fellow Democrats the extra help they need!