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Guess it was time to become a lifetime member of Stonewall Democratic Club (while it was still cost effective, lol)

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Just made a donation to Stonewall Democratic Club to update my membership; join me tonight!

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Retreat 2016: Donate

The member contribution cost for food and lodging is $50. We have brought this down from $80 in past years to keep it reasonable while not putting all of the cost on the club. The cost includes lodging and 5 meals. Per our traditional principle, if the cost is an undue burden, please contribute what you can. Being there is far more important than the money. REALLY. We all chip in on the “chores” throughout the weekend and there are plenty of ways to go above and beyond to work off a few bucks.

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Just got my ticket to Stonewall Democratic Club End of Summer BBQ. Get yours today before we max out!

End the Summer With A BBQ!

It's wonderful that you will be joining in the food & fun on what will certainly be a beautiful September day in the park and thank you for your support of Stonewall!

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Need to clarify your membership status? Take the survey: Pre-Register for Stonewall Democratic Club's April Meeting!

Pre-Register for Stonewall Democratic Club's July Meeting!

In order to make the credentialing process at July's meeting (on Monday, July 27th) move as quickly as possible, please let us know if you plan on attending. If we receive your RSVP through this short survey, the Credentialing & Membership Retention Committee will make sure your credential is prepared ahead of time.

You may also use this survey to ask us questions about your eligibility to vote in July's Officer Elections — or any other questions regarding the election process.

Pre-Registration for this meeting is now closed. Pre-Registration is optional, and not a requirement to attend the meeting.

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