Steering Committee


  • Adam M. Greenwald: Chair, Credentials and Membership Renewal


  • Adam Kroll: Chair, Endorsements
  • Xenia Vidal: Vice Chair, Endorsements
  • Andrea Lipton: Chair, Leadership Development and Appointments
  • Luckie Alexander: Vice Chair, Leadership Development and Appointments
  • Daniel Halden: Chair, Legislative Action
  • Sarah Pinho: Vice Chair, Legislative Action
  • Karen Eyres: Chair, Political Action


  • OPEN: Chair, Constituency Outreach
  • Michael Colorge: Vice Chair, Constituency Outreach
  • Mallery Robinson: Chair, Membership Recruitment and Events
  • Nico Brancolini: Vice Chair, Membership Recruitment and Events
  • OPEN: Chair, Pride Festivals
  • Jamie Kennerk: Vice Chair, Pride Festivals
  • Sue LaVaccare: Chair, Program
  • Kevin Tan: Vice Chair, Program
  • Ebony Murphy-Root: Chair, Special Committee on Community Ambassadors
  • Christian Green: Vice Chair, Special Committee on Community Ambassadors
  • Princess Murray: Appointed Member, Special Committee on Community Ambassadors


  • Anna Kozma: Chair, Email Marketing and List Communications
  • Kelsey Bryan-Zwick: Acting Chair, Produced Media
  • Alex Paris: Chair, Public and Media Relations and Brand Management
  • Peter Denz: Chair, Social Media and Website
  • Alicia Laufer: Vice Chair, Social Media and Website
  • Marcus Lovingood: Chair, Special Committee for the Stonewall Spotlight Podcast

Financial Development

  • Freddy Puza: Chair, Major Events
  • Alana Roshay: Chair, Special Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Bobby Rimas: Vice Chair, Special Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Mallery Robinson: Appointed Member, Special Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


  • Jerilyn Stapleton: Chair, Historical Preservation


  • Edward Stapleton: Vice Chair, Budget

Appointed by the President

  • David Gould: Treasurer
  • Sam Frank: Parliamentarian
  • Renay Grace Rodriguez: Liaison, Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley
  • Keely Field: Liaison, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Grievance Committee

  • Steven Martin

Transition Committee

  • Steve Bott
  • Devin Adante

Committee on Bylaws and Reforms

  • Sam Frank, Chair
  • Renay Grace Rodriguez, Vice Chair