Executive Board (2019-2021)

President: Lester Aponte

Operations Vice President: Steve Bott

Political Vice President: Jane Wishon

Community Vice President: Drexel Heard

Communications Vice President: Ryan Basham

Financial Development Vice President: Justine Gonzalez

Recording Secretary: Sam Frank

Controller: Reuben Zadeh

Parliamentarian: Gary Shay

Stonewall Steering Committee Members on Local, County, or Statewide Boards or Commissions and LACDP, CADEM, and DNC

State/ County/City Boards or Commissions 

  • John Erickson, Commissioner, City of West Hollywood Planning Commission; and Commissioner, California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
  • Edward Stapleton, Commission, City of West Hollywood Public Facilities Commission 
  • Karen Eyres, Board Member, City of West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board
  • Brandon Milan, Vice Chair, City of West Hollywood Public Facilities Commission 
  • Tai Sunnanon, Board Member, City of West Hollywood Public Facilities Commission 
  • Rick Watts, Board Member, City of West Hollywood Disabilities Advisory Board
  • A. Lee Walkup; Board Member, City of West Hollywood Senior Advisory Board 
  • Nadia Sutton, Board Member, City of West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board
  • Alana Roshay, Board Member, City of West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board
  • Garry Shay,  Member, Dental Hygiene Committee of California
  • Freddy Puza, Member, Culver City General Plan Advisory Committee 
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy, Commissioner, City of Glendale Audit Committee 
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy, Commissioner and Past-Chair, LA County Veterans Advisory Commission 

Stonewall Leadership Academy Members (Past/Present)

  • Andrew Reback, Commissioner, City of West Hollywood Human Services Commission
  • Matthew Contreras, Member, University Student Union Board of Directors, California State University, Northridge 

California Democratic Party 

Executive Board
  • Drexel Heard II
  • Garry Shay
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy 
  • Jerilyn Stapleton 
Members, Democratic State Central Committee, i.e., delegates
  • Brandon Milan (AD50)
  • Drexel Heard II (AD39)
  • Steve Bott (AD50)
  • Jane Wishon (AD54)
  • Jerilyn Stapleton (AD46)
  • Lester Aponte  (AD46)
  • Garry Shay (AD45)
  • Taylor Bazley (AD62) 
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy (AD43)
  • Jerilyn Stapleton, Co-Chair, California Democratic Party Legislative Committee 
  • Garry Shay, Chair, California Democratic Party Rules Committee 
  • Garry Shay, Member, Compliance Review Commission, California Democratic Party
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy, Caucus Chair, Irish American Caucus 
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy, Member, Organizational & Development Standing Committee 
  • Drexel Heard II, Member, Credentials Committee
  • Jane Wishon, Member, Credentials Committee 

Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP)

  • Garry Shay, Parliamentarian, Los Angeles County Democratic Party 
  • Thom O’Shaughnessy, Controller, Los Angeles County Democratic Party 
  • Jerilyn Stapleton, AD46 Delegate to LACDP and Legislative Committee Member 

Democratic National Committee 

  • Garry Shay, Member, Executive Committee Democratic National Committee
  • Garry Shay, Member, Democratic National Committee 

Local Neighborhood Councils

  • Marcus Lovingood, Area Wide Director, Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC)


  • Jerilyn Stapleton, CD4 Representative, City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Alliance
  • Jerilyn Stapleton, Executive Board Member, Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley (DPSFV)
  • Ari Gutierrez, Co-Founder, HONOR PAC
  • Ari Gutierrez, Co-Founder & President, Latino Equality Alliance
  • Ari Gutierrez, Organizational Representative, Eastside LEADS (Leadership for Equitable and Accountable Development Strategies) 
  • Ari Gutierrez, Member, L.A. County Health Innovation Community Partnerships (HICP) (Appointed by Supervisor Solis)
  • Ari Gutierrez, Member LAC+USC General Hospital Reuse Feasibility Study (Appointed by Supervisor Solis)