Previously Supported Legislation

Below please find information about legislation which has previously been supported by our Club. 

This page was last edited on September 4, 2020.


  • H.R. 7120 - George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 - This bill addresses a wide range of policies and issues regarding policing practices and law enforcement accountability. It includes measures to increase accountability for law enforcement misconduct, to enhance transparency and data collection, and to eliminate discriminatory policing practices. (No letter at this time.)


  • HR #/Senate Bill # Forthcoming - Ending Qualified Immunity Act - Qualified immunity was created by the Supreme Court in contravention of the text of the statute and the intent of Congress. The Ending Qualified Immunity Act explicitly notes that the elements of qualified immunity outlined by the Supreme Court are not a defense to liability. (No letter at this time.)


  • H.R. 6086 / S. 3178 - Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018 - Explicitly makes lynching a federal crime. Our letters (October 15, 2018, but passed the Senate, and the House is scheduling a final vote, as of 6/6/2020: H.R. 6086 / S. 3178).


  • Stonewall Recommendation - Recommends that a nationwide moratorium on essential utility service disconnections be part of the next COVID-19 package; this Nationwide Utility Shut-off Moratorium would be in effect until the COVID-19 pandemic threat has passed and the country’s economy has stabilized. Our draft letter (April 13, 2020)COVID-19 response.





  • AB 1506 (McCarty, Weber, Bradford) - Independent Investigations for Police Deadly Force - This bill would create an opt-in Department of Justice Deadly Force Oversight Division to investigate officer-involved shootings and use-of-force incidents. This bill is part of the California Legislative Black Caucus Bills. Our letter (August 24, 2020). 


  • AB 1185 (McCarty) - Sheriff Oversight - County board of supervisors: sheriff oversight. - This bill would strengthen existing citizen Sheriff Oversight bodies and help increase transparency and accountability — not to mention prevent expensive taxpayer use of force settlements. This bill is part of the California Legislative Black Caucus BillsOur letter (August 24, 2020).


  • AB 2342 (McCarty) - Parole Reintegration Credits. - This bill would create a program under which the length of a parolee’s period of parole could be reduced through credits earned by successfully completing specified education, training, or treatment programs, or by participating in volunteer service, while adhering to the conditions of parole, although inapplicable to a person who is required to register as a sex offender. The bill would also increase the travel restriction for a parolee who successfully participates in the parole credit program and would require the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Board of Parole Hearings to adopt regulations to carry out this program, as specified. This bill would, as a condition of continued state funding, prohibit any entity that receives state funds and provides services and programs in certain fields from denying access to services or programs to a person on the basis that the person is currently or previously has been on parole or postrelease community supervision. This bill is part of the California Legislative Black Caucus Bills. Our letter (August 24, 2020).


  • AB 1022 (Holden) - Peace officers: use of force. - This bill would establish clear guidelines for police accountability and responsibility while demonstrating a duty to intervene and report when witnessing excessive force by another member of law enforcement. It also prohibits an officer from training other officers for a one-year-period if an abuse of force complaint is substantiated and disqualifies a person from holding office as a peace officer if they were found to have either used excessive force or failed to intercede. This bill is part of the California Legislative Black Caucus Bills. Our letter (August 24, 2020).


  • AB 3216 (Kalra and González) - This bill protects the jobs of hospitality workers through rights of recall and retention. Our letter (July 9, 2020 and August 20, 2020).


  • AB 2218 (Santiago) - Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund. - This bill would establish the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund for the purpose of funding grants, upon appropriation by the Legislature, to organizations serving people that identify as transgender, gender nonconforming, or intersex (TGI), to create or fund TGI-specific housing programs and partnerships with hospitals, health care clinics, and other medical providers to provide TGI-focused health care, as defined, and related education programs for health care providers. Our letter (August 17, 2020).


  • SB 1237 (Dodd) - Nurse-midwives: scope of practice. - the Justice and Equity in Maternity Care Act. - This bill would increase access to high-value, high-quality maternal healthcare and improve maternal and newborn health outcomes during a time when California
    faces a critical obstetrician shortage and significant race-based disparities in maternal and infant outcomes. Our letter (July 18, 2020).


  • SB 1190 (Durazo) - Tenancy: termination. - This bill would allow tenants to break a lease without penalty if an immediate family member were the victim of a crime.  Our letter (July 18, 2020).


  • AB 1436 (Chiu) - This bill would recognize the scale and economic impact of the COVID-19 emergency by re-moving the threat of eviction for renters affected by the crisis while preserving the ability of landlords to recover un-paid rent. Our letter (July 18, 2020)COVID-19 response.


  • AB 2542 (Kalra) - Criminal procedure: discrimination - Racial Justice Act - This bill would prohibit the state from seeking a criminal conviction or sentence on the basis of race, ethnicity, or national origin and puts mechanisms, such as expanding the duties of local prosecutors, into place to enforce this prohibition. Our letter (July 15, 2020). * Note: as of 7/20/2020, this bill will not be moving forward this year. *


  • AB 3121 (Weber) - Advances the conversation of reparations and develops ideas for how to overcome logistical implementation challenges. Our letter (June 6, 2020).



  • ACA 5 (Weber) - Creates equal opportunities for all Californians by fighting discrimination against women and people of color and restoring affirmative action in public contracting, public employment and public education. Our letter (June 5, 2020).


  • SB 932 (Atkins) - Requires the state to collect LGBTQ data during the COVID-19 crisis, including infection, hospitalization, ICU, recovery, and mortality rates. Our letter (June 4, 2020)COVID-19 response.


  • AB 3300 (Santiago) - California Access to Housing and Services Act - Appropriates $2 billion in ongoing funding to big cities, counties and homeless CoCs, and affordable housing developers to expedite the delivery of homeless housing, rental and housing assistance, and wrap-around services. Our letter (June 4, 2020).


  • AB 2218 (Santiago) - Establishes the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund under the administration of the Office of Health Equity in the State Department of Public Health for grants to Trans-led organizations and hospitals, health care clinics, and other medical providers that provide gender-conforming health care services and have an established partnership with a Trans-led organization, to create, or fund existing, programs focused on coordinating trans-inclusive health care, as defined, for people that identify as transgender, gender nonconforming, or intersex. The bill would appropriate $15,000,000 from the General Fund to the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund, established pursuant to this bill, for these purposes. Our letter (May 29, 2020).


  • AB 2236 (Gabriel) - Requires the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to develop and periodically update an interactive refresher course on hate crimes for in-service peace officers, and require specified peace officers to take the course every 5 years. Our letter (May 11, 2020)6/4/2020 update: Sadly, this bill was held in Assembly Appropriations so it will not be moving forward this year.


  • Stonewall Recommendation - Recommends that Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins allocate funding to specifically support TGI people and trans-led organizations across the state. TGI people experience significant barriers in society that have only been exacerbated by the coronavirus. Houselessness, economic instability, and difficulties in accessing health care are only a few of the barriers that have been deepened during the world’s response to the pandemic. Our letter (April 15, 2020)COVID-19 response.


  • AB 2023 (Chiu) - Ensures that California’s public colleges and universities allow transgender and nonbinary students to have their chosen name printed on their diploma, and provides a standardized process for updating the records of former students so their name and gender are accurately reflected on critical documents. Our letter (March 14, 2020).


  • SB 859 (Wiener) - Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Chief of the Office of AIDS to develop and implement a statewide Master Plan on HIV, hepatitis C (HCV), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Our letter (March 14, 2020).


  • AB 1907 (Santiago, Gipson, and Quirk-Silva) - Until January 1, 2029, exempts from environmental review under CEQA (the California Environmental Quality Act) certain activities approved by or carried out by a public agency in furtherance of providing emergency shelters, supportive housing, or affordable housing, as each is defined. The bill would require a lead agency that determines to carry out or approve an activity that is within this CEQA exemption to file a notice of exemption, as specified. (No letter at this time.)


  • AB 1989 (Garcia) - Requires a package or box containing menstrual products that was manufactured for sale or distribution in this state on or after January 1, 2023, to have printed on the label a plain and conspicuous list of all ingredients in the product, by weight. By creating a new crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program. (No letter at this time.)


  • AB 2003 (Garcia) - Requires a community college to stock 50% of the school’s restrooms with feminine hygiene products, as defined. The bill would prohibit a community college from charging for any menstrual products, including feminine hygiene products, provided to students. Because this bill would impose new duties on community college districts, it would impose a state-mandated local program. (No letter at this time.)


  • AB31 (Garcia, Bonta, González, Mathis) - Extends the exemption until January 1, 2027 of taxes on the sale of, or the storage, use, or other consumption of, menstrual hygiene products, defined as tampons, specified sanitary napkins, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cups, currently set to expire on January 1, 2022.

Los Angeles County

  • Stonewall Recommendation - Recommends that restaurants be allowed to submit plans that would enable them to operate as wholesale grocers, as long as social distancing guidelines are met; this was in response to County Health zealously shutting down restaurants who had converted to grocers in order to sell food (such as fresh fruit, etc.) to customers, even telling the restaurants they could not apply for a grocery license. As of April 28, 2020, restaurants had been able to reopen as grocers, saving jobs and small businesses, due to a pressure campaign from Stonewall Democratic Club and others. Our letter (March 3, 2020). COVID-19 response

Los Angeles City Council

  • CF 20-0147-S15 - Requests the City Attorney draft an emergency ordinance, retroactive to March 1, 2020, creating a citywide worker retention policy, in which employers that take over workplaces following a change in ownership or in control through subcontracting shall give preference in hiring to workers previously employed at the same worksite, and not terminated for just cause, in order of seniority. Our letter (March 26, 2020)COVID-19 response.


  • CF 20-0147-S19 (status / text)  - Temporarily prohibits evictions of residential and commercial tenants for failure to pay rent due to COVID-19 and prohibits no-fault evictions of residential tenants if the tenant or any member of the household is ill, in isolation, or under quarantine due to COVID-19. This ordinance further suspends withdrawals of occupied residential units from the rental market under the Ellis Act, Government Code Section 7060, et seq. Our letter (March 26, 2020)COVID-19 response.



  • Stonewall Democratic Club has joined 275+ advocacy organizations, worker centers, labor unions, service providers, religious congregations, community groups, affordable housing developers, public interest lawyers, public health and safety organizations, and many more uniting across lines of race, class, and geography to propose concrete solutions to the many hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about this coalition, called Healthy LA Coalition, and to join and help advocate, please click hereCOVID-19 response

OPPOSE (none at this time)

COVID-19 schedules for the Assembly and Senate COVID-19 response.

Update, as of Thursday, August 6, 2020: This is the normal August deadlines; the next time The Assembly floor is in session is August 24.  Committees can work by Zoom, but not the floor.

  • Aug. 14 Last day for policy committees to meet and report bills (J.R. 61(b)(14)). 
  • Aug. 21 Last day for fiscal committees to meet and report bills (J.R. 61(b)(15)).
  • Aug. 24 Last day to amend bills on the floor (J.R. 61(b)(17)).
  • Aug. 24-31 Floor session only. No committee may meet for any purpose except Rules Committee, bills referred pursuant to Assembly Rule 77.2, and Conference Committees (J.R. 61(b)(16)).

We want to thank all of you who have engaged with us in advocating for these bills as they make their way through the legislative process. We need your voice to help continue advocating for the change that we need to see in the world.