Date Adopted


August 28, 2023

Community Agreement   


May 4, 2023

Resolution Demanding Justice for Banko Brown and Calling for Community-Centered Public Safety Solutions

May 4, 2023

Resolution Supporting Transmasculine Individuals and Inclusive Policies

May 4, 2023

Resolution in Support of the Writers Guild of America Strike

April 24, 2023

Resolution Requesting Senator Dianne Feinstein Resign to Give California Full Senate Representation and Allow Democrats to Confirm Judicial Nominees

April 6, 2023

Resolution in Support of ACA 4, Voting Rights for All Californians

March 27, 2023

Resolution in Support of Tourism Workers (with Wage Increases)

February 2, 2023

Resolution in Opposition to the Use of Robot Police Dogs by the LAPD and in Favor of Reimagining Policing

January 23, 2023

Resolution in Support of the Bayard Rustin Stamp Act and an LGBTQ+ Series of Stamps Honoring Queer Americans

November 3, 2022

Resolution Calling on the Los Angeles City Council to Preserve the Home of Historic LGBTQ+ Leader Morris Kight as a Historical Monument 

October 24, 2022

Resolution Calling for Resignations and No Future Support of Los Angeles City Councilmembers Kevin de Leon, Gil Cedillo, and Nury Martinez

October 4, 2022

Resolution in Support of Iran Protests/Solidarity with the Iranian People

September 1, 2022

Resolution in Support of Drink Spike/Drug Test Kits in Los Angeles Nightlife Establishments

August 22, 2022

Resolution Against Criminalizing Homelessness and for the Repeal of Los Angeles Municipal Code 41.18

June 2, 2022

Resolution Calling on the Los Angeles County Democratic Party to Update Grievance Procedures and Protect Victims and Whistleblowers

February 28, 2022

Resolution Condemning Russian Invasion of Ukraine

July 1, 2021

Resolution to Recall Insurrectionist/Whittier City Councilmember Jessica Martinez

March 22, 2021

Resolution Condemning the Chinese Government’s Genocide Against the Uyghur People and Other Turkic Muslim Peoples of Xinjaing

Resolution regarding Xenophobia and Racism against the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

Resolution in Support of a Citizens Initiative Review (CIR) 

October 25, 2021
Resolution in Support of Female and BIPOC Firefighters in the Los Angeles Fire Department
Resolution in Support of Afghan Refugees
Resolution to Help Keep Disabled Veterans in their Homes
September 27, 2021

Resolution Supporting the First Public Bank in Los Angeles

Resolution Supporting IATSE Union Workers in the Entertainment Industry
May 5, 2021

Resolution Condemning Police Gangs and an End to Practices That Allow for Police Violence Against LatinX and Black Communities (in solidarity with the family of Andre Guardado)

January 10, 2021

Resolution Calling for Removal of President Trump, Senator Hawley, and Senator Cruz

July 27, 2020

Resolution Urging Local Governments to Seek and Appoint Candidates of Color to Vacated and Appointed Positions 

Resolution Declaring Racism a Publci Health Crisis

Resolution Equal Healthcare Access and Privacy Rights for Transgender Youths

Resolution in Support of Reimagining Public Safety in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter Movement

April 27, 2020

Resolution Condemning President Donald Trump's Bigoted Actions and Statements in Management of Coronavirus Crisis

September 23, 2019

Resolution in Support of a Green New Deal

Resolution in Support of Affording California State Legislative Staff the Right to Collectively Bargain

August 26, 2019

Resolution in Support of Government Matching Funds Programs to Address Homelessness

Resolution Calling on LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva to Restore Trust in his Department

July 22, 2019

Resolution in Support of Port Truck Drivers in Cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach

April 4, 2019

Resolution Calling on the California Democratic Party to Adopt More Gender-Inclusive Language

Resolution in Support of Voting Rights Rights for Incarcerated Individuals

Resolution to Boycott the Beverly Hills and Bel Air Hotels Due to Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence in Country of Brunei

October 28, 2019

Resolution Calling on LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey to Restore Public Trust in Her Department

November 27, 2019

Resolution Condemning Sexual Misconduct in the California State Leglslature 

July 23, 2018

Resolution to Oppose California Assembly Bill 84 and In Support of Strengthening the Political Reform Act of 1974

July 6, 2017

Resolution Condemning the Chechnyan Government for Human Rights Atrocities

December 6, 2018

Resolution in Support of Asylum Seekers

June 25, 2018

Resolution Condemning the Trump Administration's Family Separation Policy

August 28, 2017

Resolution to Advance Single-Payer Healthcare in California

March 27, 2017

Resolution in Support of Transgender Youth and to Ensure Student Access to Facilities Based on Gender Identity 

July 7, 2016

Resolution Condemning Police Violence Against Black Americans and the Killing of Alton Sterling

June 6, 2016

Resolution to Repeal California Ellis Act and Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (with reform if full repeal is not possible)

April 25, 2016

Resolution to Oppose Cash/Money Bail

July 20, 2015

Resolution to Oppose Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

February 24, 2014

Resolution Condemning Arizona's "Right to Discriminate" Policy

January 27, 2014

Resolution in Support of California Disclose Act 

Resolution in Support of Restoring Food Stamps to Pre-Cut Levels and Extending Unemployment Benefits

Resolution in Support of Increasing the Minimum Wage to a Living Wage with Cost of Living Adjustments