Nithya Raman


Dear Stonewall Democratic Club Members and Supporters,


I am reaching out to ask for your help in supporting one of our recently endorsed candidates, Los Angeles Councilmember Nithya Raman. Specifically, we need your help and support at tomorrow’s Los Angeles County Democratic Party meeting (Tuesday December 12, 2023, at 7 p.m. via Zoom).


As you may know, the LACDP Central Committee will consider endorsements for the Los Angeles City Council District 4 race. Surprisingly, and disturbingly, the current recommendation is against Councilmember Raman, a decision in stark contrast to the unanimous recommendation and endorsement she received from Stonewall’s endorsement process.


This is especially alarming since Councilmember Raman tenure is marked by her tireless advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, especially its most vulnerable members. She has been an innovative and inspiring leader on the council especially as to issues around housing affordability and insecurity, issues which disproportionately impact LGBTQ+ community. This work has inspired many and earned her widespread respect and support, including from Mayor Karen Bass. Indeed, during Stonewall’s endorsement process, multiple other local candidates cited Councilmember Raman as their inspiration for running for office.


It is further concerning to hear that the LACDP panel recommends her opponent, a former Republican whose campaign has employed fearmongering attacks on these same housing policies; policies supported and promoted by Mayor Bass as well as Councilmember Raman.


To prevent this grievous error, Stonewall believes the LA CD4 race should be severed from the consent calendar. We urge Stonewall members who are part of the LACDP Central Committee, or alternates, to attend tomorrow’s meeting (Tuesday December 12, 2023, at 7 p.m. via Zoom) and support this effort. The process for this is that a credentialed member of the Endorsement Recommendation Committee must request the race be severed which must then be seconded by 40 members with valid voting credentials.


If you are a voting member, or know someone who is, please advocate for this crucial action. Councilmember Raman’s efforts in championing LGBTQ+ rights and combating economic inequality and housing insecurity are essential for Los Angeles’s future. Let us stand by Councilmember Raman, just as she has unwaveringly stood by our community.


Your participation and support can make a significant difference. Please help Stonewall with this critical action item. Please feel free to contact me directly for any questions, suggestions, or further discussion. Together we can ensure the re-election of this fierce advocate and ally to the LA City Council.


Thank you for your attention to this matter and commitment to the cause.

Best regards,


Nico Brancolini

Vice President Political – Stonewall Democratic Club