Stonewall Calls for Reflection and Solidarity on Transgender Day of Visibility

Today marks International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to celebrating transgender and non-binary people and raise awareness of the discrimination and violence they face every day. 

“In these dark days, when we are so focused on surviving a world pandemic, we cannot forget the spirit and the purpose of Transgender Day of Visibility,” said Stonewall President Lester Aponte.  “Trans and non-binary people continue to be the most marginalized and most at-risk part of the LGBTQ family and this is no time to forget their struggles or to fail to celebrate their accomplishments.”  

We salute prominent transgender leaders like Alameda County Superior Court Judge Victoria Kolakowski, the first transgender person elected judge, Lisa Middleton, member of the Palm Springs City Council, and Virginia House of Delegates, Danica Roe, the first openly transgender person to be seated to a state legislature.  

Today on #TDOV, we send a message to trans youth and adults that you are not alone. Your presence in the world, exactly as you are, is important and valuable.

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