TansDay of Vengeance

Metro Station Hollywood and Highland
This event has already taken place.

ATTN: THIS IS A ALL HANDS ON DECK TYPE OF DAY! Action is happening all over the continent and worldwide on the 31st of March, 2024! Where will you be? Trans people are getting killed, harassed, and discriminated at a terrifying rate. Alongside the new transphobic legislation, the turn will only get worse and worse. As a community, we constantly have to unify each other in a state of battle. THIS IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD BE. We stay together as a team! All trans people need your help. Please get on the ground and show us what you’re made of! NOTE: To my beautiful trans siblings, every single one of you is unbelievably strong and you are going to make it. Your own spirit, heart, and mind will shine on future generations to come. You are the exact change that you needed to see when you were a young kid. So again, I thank every single one of you for being so strong!