ADEM 2023


The California Democratic Party Assembly District Elections Meeting (“ADEMs”) are held in each of California's 80 Assembly Districts in January every two years in order to elect delegates to the California Democratic Party Democratic State Central Committee. Delegates vote on behalf of your Assembly District for the party platform and endorsement of candidates   In addition, many of the delegates may be assigned to specific committees within the party that help make the party work together. 

Vote by mail registration has closed and in-person voting has concluded for the 2023 cycle.

The Stonewall Democratic Club did not endorse candidates for ADEMs. However, we have published below a list of our members who were successful in their bid to serve as ADEM Delegates. 

Congratulations to the winners.   


Assembly District 34 - Assemblymember Tom Lackey
Ann McKeown
Assembly District 39 - Assemblymember Juan Carillo
Christian D. Green
Assembly District 40 - Assemblymember Pilar Schiavo
Dr. Loraine Lundquist
Renay Grace Rodriguez
Andrew Taban
Assembly District 42 - Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin
Jennifer Miner
Murtaza Mogri
Assembly District 44 - Assemblymember Laura Friedman
Ardy Kassakhian
Andrew Murphy
Aimee Powers
Nick Schultz
Analisa Swan
Assembly District 46 - Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel
Jessica Yas Barker
Assembly District 51 - Assemblymember Rick Chavez-Zbur
Louis Abramson
Steve Dunwoody
Naomi Goldman
Dan Hall
Erick Matos
Mike Rose
Angel D. Scott Facebook LinkedIn
Alison Rebecca Stern Simard
Barry Snell
Isabel Storey
Caroline Torosis
Assembly District 52 - Assemblymember Wendy Carillo
Luke Klipp
Assembly District 54 - Assemblymember Miguel Santiago
Steve Martin
Assembly District 55 - Assemblymember Isaac Bryan
Mike Bonin
Ilissa Gold
Dr. Daniel Lee
Pamela Sparrow
Gus Sustaita
Assembly District 57 - Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer
Michele Reed
Assembly District 66 - Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi
Scott Houston
Shannon Ross
Assembly District 67 - Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva
Lisa Del Sesto
Assembly District 70 - Assemblymember Tri Ta
Jennifer Cohen