Beyhive for Ysabel: A Renaissance for CD-14

DTLA - Stowaway Bar (4th/Spring)
This event has already taken place.


Beyhve for Ysabel: A Renaissance for CD-14

Dance Party and Fundraiser

Friday, July 12 - DTLA - Stowaway Bar (4th/Spring) (map


Notes as of 6/11:


LGBTQ Victory Fund


Stonewall Democratic Club


Anne Bagasao 

Brian Tabatabai

Godfrey Plata

Ivan Luevanos-Elms


Jorge Gutierrez

Nico Gardner-Serna

Taina Vargas

Yaquelin Perez



Halo-Halo Boyz


Stowaway - 7:00pm to 1:00am event:

Point person: Nico Ortega

Liaison with organizing group: Frank Romero-Crockett

  • An early start time of 7:00pm could catch the early birds who want to mingle and hang out before the dancing begins. 
  • We might need to keep the 1:00am end time as a favor to the Stowaway for giving us the entire downstairs for free (with a complimentary sound technician!). 
  • The Halo Halo Boyz are happy to keep things poppin’ so the bar makes money off drink sales and we’re able to fundraise and outreach to new folks in Downtown.

Can we charge a cover at the door? 

  • This will be tricky. Any cover charge will have to be split with the bar. Having a pre-event tiered ticket is great and we can have a table upon entrance to check people in, grab information, etc. Nico mentioned for walk-ins, we can still check them in, let them know the nature of the event, the Beyonce theme, and invite them to contribute to Ysabel’s campaign (with a preferred donation of $___). And no one would be turned away for lack of funds. 

Can we bring in outside food?

  • Yes we can. Stowaway does not have a kitchen, so there can be no cooking, warming up, or any smoke or else it will set off the fire alarm. We can bring in smaller food or catered food, but for the latter we need to coordinate with Stowaway. 

Is there elevator access?

  • Yes, there is an elevator to take you downstairs to the Stowaway and Rio Room via the condo entrance next door. 

Can we have outside performers and do we need entertainment in the smaller Rio Room if we take the entire downstairs?

  • If there is no obligation for the Stowaway to pay performers, their contribution can be to bring in a sound technician for the evening. They can handle the logistics of sound for the DJs, singers, performers. 
  • Ideally, Nico mentioned that having a DJ in the smaller Rio Room would be helpful to bring a certain vibe to people in there. But if we want all the energy to come from the main Stowaway room, then we can connect the sound from the main room to the smaller Rio Room. 

Can they post on their social?

  • Yes, Stowaway typically will share events on their IG Stories and it’s okay for us to blast on all of our socials. I didn’t ask if we need to include their logo in our promos. I can find out.