Consent Calendar - September 19, 2022

These candidates listed below have been selected for the Endorsement Consent Calendar for our next General Meeting scheduled for September 19, 2022 - 7:00 p.m.  We invite anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community who is running for local office, to please let us know so we can add you to our future consent calendars.  We want to support you!  The general criteria for this consent calendar includes but is not limited to:

     A.  Incumbent Democrats who share our Club values

     B.  Pick-Up Races where only one Democrat is running for a seat held by a non-Democrat

     C.  Elections where the number of Democrats who timely sought our endorsement are fewer than the number of seats available.

     D.  Democrats running for local office who identify as LGBTQ+ who share our Club values.  

* indicates an incumbent

+ indicates the candidate is LGBTQ+ identified

^ Democrat running for Seat currently held by Don-Democrat. 


Federal Offices

5th Congressional District - Jamie McLeod-Skinner+


State Office

Assembly District 47 - Christy Holstege+^

Assembly District 58 - Sabrina Cervantes*+

Assembly District 60 - Corey Jackson+

Assembly District 61 - Tina McKinnor*

Assembly District 70 - Deidre Thu Nguyen^

Senate District 38 - Joseph Rocha+^

Local Races

Burbank City Council
      - Nikki Perez+
      - Tamala Takahashi

El Monte Union High School District - Florencio Briones*+

Fullerton City Council - Ahmad Zahra+

Long Beach City Council - Kailee Caruso 

Long Beach Community College District Trustee Area 1 - Uduak-Joe Ntuk

Monterey Park City Council District 1 - Thomas Wong+

Orange County Supervisor District 2 - Katrina Foley*

Rowland Heights Unified School District Board - Dr. Keith Hayakawa+

San Fernando City Council - Joel Fajardo+

Santa Monica Rent Board (3 seats)

- Kurt Gonska

- Daniel Ivanov+

- Ericka Lesley*

Santa Monica College Board (4 seats)

- Dr. Sion Roy*

- Barry Snell*

- Nancy Greenstein+*

- Tom Peters 

Tracy City Council - Dan Arriola