LACHS Webinar - ONE Archives Foundation

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Los Angeles City Historical Society Events

A talk with ONE Archives Foundation:
The oldest active LGTBQ organization
in the US, based in West Hollywood

Webinar via Zoom
Thursday, June 8, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Please join us for a webinar presentation with the ONE Archives Foundation, the oldest active LGBTQ organization in the United States, based in West Hollywood. 
Founded in 1952 as ONE Inc., the publisher of ONE Magazine, ONE Archives Foundation is dedicated to telling the accurate and authentic stories of LGBTQ+ people, history, and culture.
ONE will present on LGBTQ histories of Los Angeles, including the leading role the organization itself has played in documenting history and securing freedoms for the LGBTQ community. 
During World War II, widespread social changes gave way to the rise of queer communities in urban centers, especially in port cities like Los Angeles. Young men and women embraced newfound personal freedoms, even as medical institutions and government policies targeted homosexuals as psychological and moral deviants. This shift provided the conditions for a shared sense of identity and a movement for civil rights. 
Key events that will be covered are the 1958 Supreme Court free speech case ONE, Inc. v. Olsen, the 1959 Cooper's Donuts Uprising against police discrimination, and the transgender activism of Sir Lady Java in the 1960s.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. The webinar will also be recorded and published on our website.

Webinar via Zoom
This is a free event but registration is required.