Stonewall Condemns Statements by LA Police Chief Michel Moore



The Stonewall Democratic Club is calling on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and city leadership to condemn and take appropriate action against LAPD Police Chief Michael Moore for remarks he made in a press conference Monday in which he denounced the recent civil unrest in Los Angeles and attributed partial blame to looters and burglars for the murder of George Floyd. Floyd, an unarmed African American man, was killed last week by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in an act of excessive force and police brutality, sparking a national outcry and prompting riots and protests in over 100 cities nationwide. Protestors are calling for an end to the systemic and pervasive targeted killings of people of color by police and for swift justice to be carried out for Chauvin and the other three police officers who were party to Floyd’s murder.


Last week, Chief Moore expressed his condolences for the loss of George Floyd and shared his personal experiences witnessing unlawful use of force, signaling solidarity in holding law enforcement accountable and condemning the killing. His disappointing, conflicting statements Monday laid blame at the feet of those protesting the systemic oppression that led to Floyd’s death to begin with.


“His death is on their hands,” Moore said of the protestors, “as much as it is on those officers.”  


Equating civil unrest with the cold-blooded murder of yet another black man is unacceptable from the head of an institution beholden to and sworn to protect us, let alone one of the largest and reportedly most innovative law enforcement agencies in the world. These comments have no place in the public discourse, especially not in this moment of national crisis.  


When those in power fail to consider the impact of their words on the hearts and minds of those they represent, the damage is lasting and painful. Chief Moore’s comments have called into question his ability to lead and have further harmed the battered trust the public has placed in him. He must be held accountable. 


Chief Moore has failed us and he must be held accountable. Our leaders need to step up and take appropriate remedial action, including up to dismissal or resignation. If Chief Moore cannot stand by his expressed deep condolences, then we cannot stand by him.


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