Supreme court Call to Action


LOS ANGELES, CA - The Stonewall Democratic Club strongly condemns the outrageous, partisan decisions by the conservative supermajority on the United States Supreme Court and demands Democratic Party leadership establish a strategy for addressing the Court’s lawlessness.

This week, the Court handed down decisions that continue the disturbing trend of illegitimately appointed Republican judges interpreting law and history to exclusively advance the goals of right-wing activists and conservative billionaires. Each of these decisions is an attack on democracy from an openly corrupt Court, seizing power from the people’s elected representatives to instead rule by judicial fiat. The Court's approach, and its similarly outrageous rulings last term, are evidence of an out-of-touch judiciary satisfied with its own ability to advance to power, leaving the rest of society to fight what little is left in a crumbling system that the court continues to erode.

In the case of 303 Creative, the Court's decision to allow businesses to discriminate against and deny service to queer customers, undermines hard-won protections for the LGBTQ+ community and threatens the foundation of equality that our very nation purports to uphold. Additionally, the ban on affirmative action in college admissions disregards the importance of diversity and equal opportunity in education. This ruling hampers the progress made in creating inclusive environments and leveling the playing field, eroding the potential for a truly fair and equitable education system and society at large.

“The Supreme Court’s rulings are an assault on LGBTQ+ people and on all of the civil liberties we’ve fought and struggled for decades to achieve,” said Stonewall President Alex Mohajer. “We cannot stand by while a court that Republicans stacked with activists eliminate protections for marginalized groups one by one.”

In another concerning ruling, the Court used its own newly-created “major questions doctrine” to block President Biden's efforts to forgive some student loan debt for 20 million Americans. This doctrine has no basis in law, yet the Republican Justices now cite it to enact their own policy preferences through judicial actions that would be too unpopular to pass through the electoral process. These rulings not only undermine progress but also perpetuate the harms of inequality and hinder regulatory agencies from taking effective action on critical matters affecting millions of Americans.

These tactics are antithetical to our democratic system, and this Court threatens the viability of pluralistic democracy in the United States.

The Stonewall Democratic Club urges President Biden and congressional Democrats to take decisive action in defending the integrity of our justice system. While acknowledging the Roberts Court's partisan rulings, Democratic leaders have been reluctant to act against it, despite the ongoing erosion of democratic self-rule by the GOP supermajority. Stonewall demands that Democratic leaders propose tangible solutions, including court expansion or alternative measures such as term limits or jurisdiction stripping, to address the lawlessness and autocracy of the Court. A forceful response is necessary to counter the power grab by the six Republican justices and restore fairness, balance, and impartiality to our judiciary.

Join Stonewall Democratic Club today help us win this fight of hate.