Volunteers Needed

Stonewall always needs more people! Virtually any skill set is useful, even if it's just an eagerness to do something!

We are a vast, volunteer-led organization that organizes people, vets and supports candidates, lobbies elected officials, advocates for policy, and tries to get new people involved in the political process.


Some, but not all of the activities we need more folks to help with include:

  • Political activities such as phone banking, postcarding, texting, etc. for candidates
  • Volunteer recruitment to help us find qualified volunteers 
  • Fundraising help such as creating and running a fundraiser, thanking sponsors, writing fundraising emails, etc. 
  • Candidate interview committee for endorsements - helps to create tough questions to ask candidates seeking our endorsement
  • Research and follow legislation and motions through the committees and votes at the Federal, State, and Local levels


The Communications team is also looking for:

Social Media Influencers 

  • Pro-LGBTQ activists with large social media followings interested in working with Stonewall to amplify our message ahead of the 2020 primary volunteers. 

Opinion Writers

  • Experienced writers to respond to current events and breaking news with the LGBTQ perspective and represent Stonewall in various blog posts, newspaper op-Ed submissions and letters to editors, and Medium articles.

Vice-Chair, Produced Media Committee

  • Individual will ideally possess video editing capabilities and a passion for capturing concise and persuasive content, optimized for social media.   

Vice-Chair, Social Media Manager

  • Looking for someone who can contribute to the daily tasks of social media and has ad campaign experience.

Will you volunteer?